HAST - TCP/IP 経由でのブロックレベル同期を可能に

 個人的には、ですが FreeBSD で久しぶりに興奮するニュースが流れてきました。FreeBSD-Announce のメールによると HAST プロジェクトが開始され、来年 2月の完了を目指しているそうです。

Pawel Jakub Dawidek has been awarded a grant to implement storage replication software that will enable users to use the FreeBSD operating system for highly available configurations where data has to be shared
across the cluster nodes.
The project is partly being funded by OMCnet Internet Service (GmbH www.omc.net) and TransIP BV (www.transip.nl).

The software will allow for synchronous block-level replication of any storage media (GEOM providers, using FreeBSD nomenclature) over the TCP/IP network and for fast failure recovery. HAST will provide storage using GEOM infrastructure, which means it will be file system and application independent and could be combined with any existing GEOM class. In case of a master node failure, the cluster will be able to switch to the slave node, check and mount UFS file system or import ZFS pool and continue to work without missing a single bit of data.

[FreeBSD-Announce]HAST Project Announcement

例えが良いかどうか微妙ですが、Linux の DRBD 相当になるってことですかね。楽しみです :)。