RadRails Roadmap

ミクシィRadRails コミュから RadRails Roadmap へ。

Dear RadRails Users,

There was a recent outage with the DNS servers that the radrails.org site relied on. Unfortunately, this coincided with our announcement of the Aptana IDE / RadRails merger. I want to assure you that the two events are completely unrelated and merely coincidental. We have created a link to the mirrored radrails.org site here: http://www.aptana.com/radrails. Aptana is excited to embrace the Ruby on Rails developer and we'll work hard to create the very best Rails development experience possible.

Thank you,
Paul Colton, Founder
Aptana, Inc.


あらら、全く知りませんでした... あぁ Accessing RadRails Content によると、どうやら RegisterFly の影響みたいですね。