8.0-RELEASE completed...

Ken Smith 氏からのメールが freebsd-stable@ に流れましたが、「やっと終わったよ...」って感じだったのでしょうか(^^;?

From: Ken Smith
To: freebsd-current@freebsd.org, freebsd-stable
Subject: 8.0-RELEASE completed...

Just a quick note in case there are people here who aren't subscribed to
the freebsd-announce@ mailing list.

We have completed the 8.0-RELEASE cycle. Details about the release are
available from the main web site, in particular the announcement itself
is available here:


Thanks for all the help with testing during the release process, as well
as your continued support of FreeBSD.

VMware に入れてみなくては。 手元の環境だと bootonlyは boot するけど、livecd と disc1 はダメ。なんだろ?