FreeBSD-EN-08:01.libpthread - Problems with fork(2) within threaded programs

Errata も久しぶりに見た気がします。

II.  Problem Description

The libpthread threading library on FreeBSD 6.3 fails to properly
reinitialize mutexes when a threaded process invokes fork(2).

III. Impact

After the fork(2) system returns, the newly created child process may
freeze in user space for no apparent reason.  This affects any threaded
application that invokes fork(2), most frequently those that call
fork(2) before execve(2) or system(3) to run external programs.

IV.  Workaround

On some systems, using libthr instead of libpthread, via the libmap
configuration file libmap.conf(5), may be an acceptable workaround.

うわー、って感じですね。でも FreeBSD stable ML に流れたこのメール には

On the other hand, this erratum very likely explains the problems people are having with Nagios.

とあるので、Nagios 使ってなければ大丈夫?