[ANN] 8-CURRENT, RELENG_7 and RELENG_6 have gotten latest unionfs improvements

後藤 大地さん 他による、unionfs の再実装版が 8-CURRENT、RELENG_7、RELENG_6 に入ったとのことです。

Hi unionfs folks

It is my pleasure and honor to announce the commitment of
latest unionfs improvements for 8-current, RELENG_7 and
RELENG_6. Now you can get more stable operation using
unionfs on latest 8/7/6.

This latest improvements give finstall and FreeSBIE works
more well as well as other unionfs works good. If you have
interesting in it, would you try it please.

However, follow two issues we still have:

  - It gets a hang-up in a certain case using with NFS.
  - We cannot see devfs on unionfs.

I am going to try those issue fix in near future.

Thanks all folks who have helped us!

The documents of those unionfs:

   http://people.freebsd.org/~daichi/unionfs/  (English)
   http://people.freebsd.org/~daichi/unionfs/index-ja.html  (Japanese)

上記の日本語ページには FAQ もあり、unionfs を再実装した経緯他、興味深い情報が載っています。是非、ご一読下さい :)。