Rails 1.2-stable Performance Report (vs. 1.1-stable)

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railsbench を使って 1.1 系と 1.2 系を比較したもので、1.1 系の方が早いね、と。


I have profiled the Rails-1.2-stable code against my benchmarks using railsbench and Ruby Performance Validator, but could not find sweet spots for optimization (at least given my current time constraints). It seems that many small changes add up to the performance loss shown by the benchmark data.

* Previous reports on Rails 1.2 being twice as slow as Rails 1.1 are peformance FUD
* Action caching could use some attention
* Never use pstore as your session container
* With the current Ruby interpreter it seems impossible to avoid slowdowns as the code base of Rails grows, due to slow GC and large interpreter overhead. YARV might change this.


ここでも YARV 待望論が :)。がんばれ、YARV!