devel/gettext 使ってる方へ

/usr/src/UPDATING を久々に見たら、ちょっと大き目の変更がありました。

  AFFECTS: users of devel/gettext (ie: YOU)
  AUTHOR: ade @

  As a result of the upgrade to gettext-0.16.1, the shared library version
  of libintl has changed, so you will need to rebuild all ports that
  depend on gettext (ie: most of them, sorry).

  portupgrade -rf gettext
  portmaster -r gettext

  In addition, if you have multimedia/vlc installed, you should deinstall
  it *before* either of the above commands, and reinstall it manually
  afterwards - vlc erroneously installs its own version of lib/charset.alias
  which will overwrite the one supplied by devel/gettext otherwise.