BSD Binary Updates

これ はなんでしょう? で見つけたリンクを辿ってみたのですが... メモメモ。FreeBSD Update と何が違うんだろう。

About BSD Updates
Project Goals
BSDUpdates strives to make maintaining BSD systems as simple as possible. We plan to provide automated Security patches, Binary updates and upgrades to all BSD systems.

The proceeds from this project will go to hire BSD developers.
Colin Percival is a FreeBSD Deputy Security Officer and the author of the FreeBSD Update and Portsnap base system and ports tree updating utilities and the bsdiff/bspatch binary patching utilities. BSD Updates is built largely on the foundation created by Colin.

なるほど... どっちかに統合されるんでしょうか? 気になるところですね。



 Subject: FreeBSD 5.3 -> 5.4 Upgrade
 From: BSD Updates 
 Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 21:12:52 -0400 (EDT)


 We have just released the FreeBSD 5.3 -> FreeBSD 5.4 Base Only upgrade.
 This upgrade will take a 5.3 Release, Stable, or Security system to

 This is also our first commercial patch.

 We have also added a support forum at to  
 help answer questions about the service.

 We are in the process of adding patches for older 5.x releases as well  
 as 4.x releases.

 -Chris Coleman

サイトを見てみると「5.3 -> 5.4 は $40 だよ」とあります。どうやら完全に無償では無いみたいですね。となると益々 freebsd-update はどうなるのか気になります。