Foundation End-of-Year Fund Raising Drive Update

FreeBSD Foundation から年末助け合い募金のお願いが来ています :)。

Dear FreeBSD Community,

First, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to the FreeBSD
Foundation this year. We have raised $198,583 towards our 2008 goal of
$300,000! We are almost 2/3 of the way to reaching our goal!

Like most non-profits, we are seeing the affects of the weak economy.
This time last year we had raised $346,587. By meeting our goal this
year will allow us to continue the same amount of support next year, as
well as continue to invest some of the funds.

何年か前に一度、Paypal 経由で $100 くらい送金しました。今年は円高ですしチャンスなんですが、自分の財布がお寒い状況なのでどうしたもんだか...*1

*1:宝くじが当たったら、でも間に合うか ;p)