ProFTPD module mod_dnsbl

TJ が mod_dnsbl を作ったから試してみてね、と言ってます。

Proftpd-devel に流れたメールです。

A proftpd user asked, on the forums, if proftpd could use real-time
blacklists for access controls:

In response to this, I tried my hand at writing a third-party module which
could do just that:

As always, I'm interested in hearing thoughts, comments, and questions
from anyone who gives the module a whirl. Is it useful? Does it even
work as people want? ;)


この手のモジュール、無かったんだ... と思うと同時に、TJ は相変わらずエネルギッシュだなぁ、と感心しました。